Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery
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Collecting bag, 2008
coastal sword sedge (Lepidosperma gladiatum)
240x200 mm


‘It tells me a lot about our early people, about our mothers and their families and their movements in the seasons. The plants would be better in some areas than they would be in others, so it identifies movements in the Country or on the land, and that’s so important as far as what I’ve got from first discovering the plant, to then discovering more about my own people.’

Audrey Frost was born in 1948 on Cape Barren Island when it was still under the control of the Cape Barren Island Reserve Act 1945. She first attended school on Cape Barren Island and later moved with her family to Flinders Island.

Audrey is a fibre artist and uses these materials in her work within the Aboriginal community on cultural programs, assisting young women in traditional craft practice. Audrey completed her Associate Diploma of Fine Arts at the School of Art, University of Tasmania in 1993.

Audrey was a tutor through the Speakers Program with Aboriginal Education, and she worked as Artist in Residence at both Invermay Primary School and Scotch Oakburn College. Audrey’s fibre work is represented in the Curtin University collection, Western Australia and in the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.

Collecting bag, 2008
white flag iris (Diplarrena moraea)

It’s talking to relatives about, and friends, about people we haven’t seen in a long time or we don’t see, but we actually catch up on our people and where they are and what they are doing. Yes, it’s a, it’s finding out how your community is going in a sense as well.