Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery
Kylie Dickson

Family ties, 2009
bull kelp (Durvillaea potatorum),
river reed (Schoenoplectus pungens),
tea tree (Melaleuca sp.)
150x150x100 mm


‘This is my first kelp water carrier. On its completion I felt a sense of awe and accomplishment. During its creation I was able to work closely with members of my family that I had not spent ‘learning’ time with since I was young. I now have a treasured sense of connectedness with family and culture.’

Born in Hobart in 1970, Kylie Dickson is an Aboriginal woman descendant from both Tasmania and Victoria. Kylie has grown up within a family of strong Aboriginal people, mainly women, whose strength and guidance has influenced her to become the person she is today.

Kylie grew up surrounded by strong cultural connections and family. Throughout her life she has been taught by her family cultural practices such as weaving, making water carriers and mutton birding. Kylie has also dabbled in other art forms and has exhibited minor works in small Community exhibitions around Tasmania. Although able to participate in arts activities, Kylie has always been more of an ideas person. She has often been the person behind the scenes recording stories for pieces of work made by family members. She has also helped in the creation stages, building on ideas for her family to take to the completed stage.