Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery
Tahana-Lee Rimmer
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Basket, 2008
larapuna (Eddystone Point)
white flag iris (Diplarrena moraea),
blueberry flower (Dianella tasmanica)
130x155 mm

‘This is my first ever completed basket made from the white flag iris and blueberry at larapuna (Eddystone Point)—our peoples’ traditional Country on the north-east coast. I was thrilled to be home to have the opportunity to reconnect with our Country and to spend time practicing our culture with my family, respected Elders and other Community members. This is what inspired me.’

Tahana, born in 1961, is the third of four children and spent most of her childhood living in Launceston and the suburb of Invermay. She has worked for many years in the human services industry and now lives and works with Aboriginal communities in Central Australia. Tahana enjoys coming home and spending time with her family and is always keen to learn more about her culture and heritage. Although she doesn’t consider herself a ‘weaver’, Tahana has made many attempts at weaving and is very proud of her first completed basket. She is determined to continue weaving and has promised to start practising with some Central Australian plants.