Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery
Vicki maikutena Matson-Green

Yolla... a tribute to the strength to survive in the face of adversity, 2008
West Launceston
white flag iris (Diplarrena moraea), yolla feathers

Interactive basket

‘…For most of us this is a learning journey of the knowledge of the grasses, where to collect them, how to treat them, the best ways of weaving, the traditional craft—which is the way the Old People used to live. It was very much a Community sharing experience, every aspect of their life.’

Vicki maikutena Matson-Green comes from Flinders Island. Her parents were from the Cape Barren Island Aboriginal Reserve and later moved to Flinders Island with their 13 children. Vicki worked at the Flinders Island Aboriginal Association from 1980–85 as secretary and then manager, where she became passionate about Aboriginal issues.

Vicki and husband Chris moved to Launceston in 1987 to enable their children to complete college and Vicki to attend university. Vicki dedicated almost twelve years helping establish Riawunna, Centre of Aboriginal Studies at the University of Tasmania, and to progressing Aboriginal higher education. During this period Vicki began learning about unknown aspects of her Aboriginal history while maintaining and teaching her cultural knowledge to others. Vicki became a published Aboriginal historian while at Riawunna.

Vicki is passionate about weaving and telling her stories through the use of native grasses and kelp fibres. Each piece provides knowledge of how better to manipulate the fibres to produce finer detail. In her work Vicki acknowledges those before her and is committed to teaching others in the future.


string, 2009
Flinders Island
white flag iris (Diplarrena moraea), coastal saltbush berry dye

Carrying ancient whisperings and new stories....salute, 2008
Bruny Island
blueberry (Dianella tasmanica), white flag iris (Diplarrena moraea)

Carrying the essentials for survival, 2008
larapuna (Eddystone Point)
river reed (Schoenoplectus pungens), white flag iris (Diplarrena moraea)

Pure Pleasure, 2008
bull kelp (Durvillaea potatorum), jute string

Tayenebe: a journey of learning... arrival at last, 2008
larapuna (Eddystone Point)
white flag iris (Diplarrena moraea)